The Coffee

Our staffs are always ready to show you how Bali coffee is processed, from picking its up from the trees, pounding, baking, grinding and winnowing by traditional equipment.

Our Coffee is provided By Banyuatis Coffee the legend of Balinese Coffee


Banyuatis Buleleng is an area famous as a center of quality coffee in Bali. It’s well-known  from time to time, not only because the aroma, but  purity of this coffee thas  distinctive flavor can not be compare by any other`s.

Since the 18th century,  Banyuatis village is so dence with the  coffee plantations as a source of livelihood of the villagers . One of them is ‘Jro Dalang Gelgel’, an artist Wayang Masters Puppet  who lived in the 1800s.  He also the traditional coffee farmers who pioneered the mass of coffee plantations as the main source to support his family .

Jro Dalang Gelgel raise their children  because of coffee and he also bequeath  coffee plantations to his son `Putu Dalang ` in 1950. Putu Dalang develop coffee plantation  becoming more widespread and effective.With  intensive,  professionally skill,  Putu Dalang want to move forward armed by trading skill and set up a small coffee shop in his village. He became so good in coffee processing to be presented as a special meals for local communities who  gone to his village. The atmosphere of Putu`s coffee shop was so comfortable and make them quite popular in his time .



The story about ‘Jro Dalang Gelgel’ and ‘Putu Dalang’  is not the  end of the  coffee’s  story but it’s been the story of the flavour coffee. This story brought coffee from Banyuatis village became image product of people in Bali . Ketut Englan in the  future raise the  coffee Banyuatis to the  world. Ketut Englan is alumni of ITS Surabaya universitiy in architecture departemen. In 1970 Ketut Englan began to pursue the business making traditional ground coffee.Ketut Englan with confidence  packaging and labeling the coffee powder under name “Kopi Banyuatis”.

Start from his village environment, Englan collecting his  customer believing that the business  going forward.The quality of the coffee with the distinctive flavor, making it quickly welknown and wanted by customers. Banyuatis coffee lovers  spreading until to the  deep village.

In the Englan’S hand coffee cultivation continued  growing and larger. Then establishing the modern pabrik of coffee located in the Pemaron village.

This success culminated of other business  such as Bali Taman Hotel, Ngiring Wedang Coffee Shop, Restaurant Gitgit and Open Stage Lovina. He wanted to dedicate this success to lift the art Wayang Wong Buleleng. With his dedication  Englan has choosen  to be a chairman of IHRA Buleleng  in year 1995 s / d in 1999.

Englan also collaborate with an artists community  and creating e a foundation in 2000 called “Yayasan Budaya Den Bukit”. Yayasan Budaya Den Bukit  which concentrate to popularize the Balinese cultural specially Wayang Wong . That is almost extinctive. He build “Gerbang Nusantara “ to dedicate his love to the nusantara cultural. In this pleace the local children can learn a Balinese dance and gamelan. All of this concern start  from his success in business  to production “Kopi Banyuatis”. So from this story  acup of “Kopi Banyuatis” has a deep meaning. From this fine coffee nort Bali become famous around the world and more than that from the enjoyment of a cup of coffee the forgotten culture  now rise in the hand of  Ketut Englan.