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We have Gerbang Nusantara for Dance Art and IMACO (International Mask Arts & Culture Organization). You can learn the Balinese Art and Mask Culture in our place.


Wayang Wong is basically the art of masks and puppetry performances by human actors or people (wong). In bringing the characters  all the dancers has dialogue.  The main character use  Kawi language but supporting character use  Balinese language. In some parts  the dancers also sing  importance  part of Kakawin.

Wayang Wong In Bali has  two type, namely Ramayana Wayang Wong, and Wayang Wong Parwa. Then Wayang Wong Ramayana only called Wayang Wong . This Wayang  only play  Ramayana story. Almost all the dancers use masks. Wayang Wong accompanied by the gamelan  Batel Wayang who has  “laras Slendro”.

Wayang Wong Parwa commonly called Parwa . Wayang Wong Parwa is “dramatari” wayang wong tell about “wira Carita Mahabrata (Asta Dasa Parwa)”. The dancers usually not use masks, except for the supporting characters like Malen, Merdah, Sanggut, Delem. And it also accompanied by the gamelan  Batel Wayang who has  “laras Slendro”


Based on mythology of Hindu in Bali, Rangda is the leadership figure for the “leak” community in the fight against the “ Barong”. Rangda portrayed as a woman with  rumpled,long hair, wide-eyed, fanged large, long nails, protruding tongue, and long breasts.

Literally, the word “Rangda” means a widow. This meaning is appropriate with the origin story of Queen Mahendradatta. The Queen isolated by the King Dharmodayana. So, she went back to revenge by killed the people in the kingdom.

Barong is considered the king of the spirits kindness spirit’s, shown as long fangs lion with thick blond hair. In the other mythology, Barong shown in the companion of King Airlangga, the heir of King Dharmodayana, to defeat Rangda.

In the other  mythology, Barong is as power as Rangda . Both of them are immortal, so the fience battle was never ending. None of them are outvied.

No this immortality fight know as Barong dance. This dance has many versions. One of the simple and short version is barong and Rangda dance that regularly perfomed on “ Amphitheater stage in Garuda Wisnu Kencana complex. This dance is as an introduction for general public to understand the concept “Rwa Bhineda” that is the principle concept of life of Balinese people.


Spiritualy, Balinese people believe in” Rwa Bhineda” concept literally it means two different thing that come together in harmony. This concept explains about the creation of the universe in pair of opposite character  by the Almighty God.   It is like evil and angel, man and woman  , black with white, etc.

Pair of characters that are different from each other in the Hindu concept must be viewed alongside each other. The Hindu concept must be viewed along side eachother. Both of them are not exclude eachother. Rwa Bhineda explain about two different thing that come together in harmony. There fore the Balinese view the differences is not as a barrier that must be eliminated but desiggned to be harmony.

The harmony concept shown in the mythology of relationship between Barong and Rangda. The fight of them symbolize goodness and badness are essentially side by side. Neither evils nor goodness, they can not be removed completely from human life. Goodness exist because the badness was there and from human life, vice versa.